Liturgical Ministries


The lector proclaims the Word of God to the congregation in a clear and compelling manner, and so inspires the congregation to ponder and meditate on God’s Word in their daily lives. The lector also offers to God the prayers of the faithful on behalf of the congregation. Lectors are called to a deep relationship with God through the words of Scripture, our treasured legacy that has been preserved and handed down for thousands of years. We are nourished spiritually at the table of God’s word and at the table of the Eucharist: from the one we grow in wisdom and from the other in holiness. If you are interested in becoming a lector, please contact Martha Deffe at

Lector Description

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion (“EMHC” or “EM”) are individuals specially selected and commissioned by the pastor to assist with the distribution of Holy Communion to the faithful at Mass. They may also be authorized by the pastor to lead a Holy Communion service outside of Mass and distribute Holy Communion to the faithful in attendance, and to bring Holy Communion to the homebound. If you are interested in becoming an Extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, please contact Martha Deffe at

EMHC Description


The sacristan has the humble but necessary responsibility of preparing the altar and worship space for the priest-­‐celebrant to properly and prayerfully celebrate the Mass and for the congregation to participate. Duties include ensuring the general order and cleanliness of the worship space, turning on the lights and sound system, preparing the tabernacle, preparing the gifts table and credence table, preparing the altar and ambo, and restoring the worship space and sacristy after Mass. If you are interested in becoming a sacristan, please contact Martha Deffe at

Sacristan Description


The usher is the first official representative of the parish community who worshipers meet, and, as such, should convey the sense that each person is welcome and essential to the community’s prayer. This ministry is one of genuine joy and care for others, and one important quality for an usher is to be a people-oriented person. Ushers serve with discretion, creating an atmosphere conducive to prayer and worship. Their role is one of hosting with warmth, friendship, respect, and with a true attitude of service.  If you are interested in becoming an usher, please contact Martha Deffe at

Usher Description