Our Lady of The Snows Foundation

Foundation Overview

  • The Our Lady of the Snows Foundation was created in July 2016. In establishing a foundation, we at Our Lady of the Snows have taken the next step, that in the coming years, will have a positive impact on our parish at large and our Catholic faith.
  • Mission Statement of the Foundation is as follows:
    • To promote and enhance the Catholic faith in the Wood River Valley and develop programs that support valley Catholics in their journey of living their faith.
  • The Foundation aims to provide in perpetuity, a consistent stream of income to support programs that would otherwise not be possible through the church’s operating budget. One of our goals is to hire an individual to support existing staff in identifying programs and educational experiences that provide parishioners, of all ages, with a more engaged community experience.
  • Father Justin has appointed a committee consisting of members of the parish to provide parish oversight of the Foundation.
Foundation Value and Future Growth
  • The Foundation has a market value of $562,324 as of January 31, 2019, representing more than half of our initial goal of $1 million.
  • The Foundation Committee put on a very successful auction in July and expects to continue to hold similar fundraisers until we meet our target. In addition, we hope to continue to receive donations from our parish community.
Foundation Management and Expense Costs
  • The Foundation was established through the Diocese of Boise using their foundation investment fund. The Diocese is assisted by professional investment managers and Canterbury Consultants, a professional investment consultant, in managing the fund. We are charged .75% (three quarters of one percent) on an annual basis for the management of the Foundation.
  • The Our Lady of the Snows Foundation has minimal operational expenses, which when necessary are paid from the assets of the Foundation.
Foundation Distributions
  • Since our Foundation is only two years old and has limited assets, we have made a very limited number of distributions. Naturally, as our assets grow, the distributions will grow in size as well. To date we have worked with the Souper Supper Organization, the children’s religious education program and an upcoming parish Evangelization retreat.
  • Donations can be made directly to the Foundation via check or credit card thru the parish office. All contributions are tax deductible and we use the same Tax Identification number (#820200748) as the parish.
List of Committee Members
  • Rick Emsiek
  • Kevin Embree
  • Jed Gray
  • Bill Griffin
  • Claire Goodyear
  • Greg Gvozdas
  • Kate Hobson
  • Betsy Reiners
  • Sandy Sanders
  • Cara Yuras
For More Information Contact:

Sandy Sanders, (Chair) sanders83340@gmail.com

Cara Yuras, (Vice Chair) carayuras@gmail.com

Claire Goodyear, (Vice Chair) clairegoodyear@me.com